Chaise lounge Chair possesses a beautiful, graceful and stylish appearance in the furniture category, its looks like elongated couch or Sofa, which having armrest at one side or double side and you also find it without armrest. the lounge has a rich history and started in use from Pharos era in Egypt. One can use it for several purposes for example, for sleeping, reading books, Watching TV or taking rest at a swimming pool etc.


Chaise lounge has a cushion with a mass of soft material, used as comfortable support for sitting or leaning on. A chaise lounge is available in Small and large dimensions, so no problem here to accommodate more than one people on it.

Uses and Benefits

The chaise lounge can be kept inside the living room, Bedroom, or Offices. You can find colorful ranges in chaise furniture with various types of fabric, you also can use slipcovers for your seat. A lounge is available in modern and vintage designs selection to keep in view customer’s demand. you can buy the lounge with living room set or buy it in a single piece. We are also offering a lounge for indoor and outdoor use, both types are completely different from each other in term of material and purpose.

It is very easier for Shopper to explore his or her dream lounge in stylish designs from our outlet that is matching your exact requirement. we always available for serving our customer to decorate their home with comfortable furniture that you really deserve.