A kitchen island is very important in term of functionality, storage and decoration for any home. It has many benefits that one can never imagine, some of them are,

  • With Island, you can keep seats for additional seating on top of the dining table,
  • The kid can read books on the island, they can have a meal on it or any kitchen accessories that can be independently used by kids can place on it,
  • A movable & portable island adds flexibility and you can serve the meal by transporting food from the kitchen to the place where guest are seating,
  •  You can place additional kitchen accessories on it and,
  •  An island adds a storage area in addition to the cabinet that you have already installed in the kitchen. One can use it as a mini bar at home for taking wine along with a friend to having breakfast on it. It has become a solution nowadays in order to cop up with storage problems by providing more surface area on counter and cabinets, where one can keep kitchen stuff or accessories safely.

Design & Style

Designs are awesome like rolling cart, Stationary, the table island, base cabinet with countertop, Peninsula, the bar island and combination styles. The style could be available such as a rustic, country, vintage or modern island.

Types & Materials

It has three types that are Kitchen carts with wheels, Kitchen Island and its complete set. Material that is commonly used for a counter is wood, stainless steel, granite and marble it base colors could be White, black, beige, gray, red, silver, blue, green, yellow, silver, gold, bronze and many more. Stuff Storage in Kitchen Island could be closed storage, with drawer, open storage, trash bin compartment or wine storage the choice is all up to you that which one to select. Island comes in many width measurements for example small one has less than 40”, Medium one has between 40” to 59”, while large one could be 60”+.