Office chairs are the most important part of office furniture, and also a chunk of making office ecosystem stylish & decorative. Fancy and unique velvet office chairs like wingback with real leather are making sense for your office? The choice is all yours because huge varieties are in, Whether it is wooden, retro, without wheels or upholstered.

Varieties and Characteristics

  • Big and Tall Chairs

These chairs are distinguished by being physically larger, capable of supporting users up to 6’6” tall and being fashioned of studier materials of extra thickness

  • Conference Chairs

Obvious from name these chairs are being used in the conference room. So they are used for conference meeting and calls which are not lasting than 3 to 4 hours. That is why these chairs are available in cheap rates.

  • Ergonomic Chairs

Since people are spending more and more time on his or her office work that is why many issues are identified related to body pain to them, that is why ergonomics chair for office is being made with extra support like back support headrest etc. to overcome the pain issue.

  • Executive Chairs

Chairs for Boss! Most expensive chair with high end, with better padding for added comfort, and most of them feature a full range of ergonomic features.

  • Guest Chairs

These chairs are made for short term seating. These are usually used at receptions and waiting room for the guest of your company.

  • Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs

These are used to overcome chronic back pain. If you have a tough job and spending many hours while seating so this could be your best choice.

  • Mesh Chairs

These chairs are smaller in size but widely used in offices training room or library.

  • Petite Chairs

This Chair is smaller, lighter, and built with thinner material for smaller people.

  • Stacking Chairs

Are used in office, these are not much comfortable but are widely used in office cafeteria for having a meal during office break time

  • Stools

These stools are made for short to medium term seating. It is used if someone has to spend more time on the office floor and less time for entry on your computer or laptop.

  • Task Chairs

These seats are with limited feature and one can sit 1 to 2 hours. These are much inexpensive but are very beautiful by look wise.