How To Create Your Own Smart Home

If you are a technology enthusiast planning to acquire a new house or get the current one improved, you should know how to create a smart home and make your routine much more practical. Having a smart home can add numerous benefits, such as extra comfort, security, convenience, and a lot of practicality to home activities. 

Many devices are capable of making a home smart and are easy to install and configure. So, let us see what it takes to create a smart home and make your daily life more practical and enjoyable.

Changes in the infrastructure of the house

Many people believe that having a smart home may not be so simple. Yet most smart devices can be installed and configured easily without the need for changes in the structure of the house, which greatly facilitates the home automation process. Smart lamps and curtains, speakers, and sockets, for example, are among the devices that can be purchased and installed in your home right away, as they do not require any greater adjustments.

In addition, once the devices are installed, they can be configured and connected so that they work in an interconnected way in the environment. They can even be controlled by an app or voice command – all according to your needs and tastes.

Products compatible with a smart home

With the growth of this technology in the market, numerous products have been developed that can be automated. If you don’t know yet how to create a smart home, it is important to learn which equipment can be useful in your daily life.  

Smart security cameras

Security equipment tends to be the most common product of an automation system. It is easy to install and configure and can be controlled through the application or the virtual assistant.

There are security cameras that work via Wi-Fi connection and their high-definition images can be accessed by smartphone. They can be installed outside or inside the house, helping, for example, to monitor pets and children.

Smart light bulbs

Another very common product in home automation is a smart bulb. These are similar to conventional lamps but can be controlled by AI, which allows better control over the lighting intensity and colors.

Such equipment can be controlled by voice command or by the application. You can also create routines in which the lights turn on or off at certain times of the day according to the family’s schedule.

Smart locks 

Smart locks work with artificial intelligence and can be opened by passwords, tags, or biometrics of the registered user. They are widely used now for the virtue of increasing home security and the ability to bring practicality into everyday life as well.

Presence sensors

If you’re still thinking about the safety of your home, presence sensors can be great resources in this regard. They work like an alarm to identify the presence of people in the monitored locations. When triggered, they send warning signals to the homeowner not letting the unwanted presence go unnoticed if it’s detected on the site. In the settings, you can choose notifications: audible alarms, messages on the cell phone, or even directly to the control center.

Smart curtain trigger

With this device, you can control your curtain using voice commands. Through the app, you open or close the curtains from wherever you are. By creating routines, you can set your curtains to open or close at certain times of the day and adjust their opening time at any moment later.

Smart speaker

This device is a type of speaker used to integrate all smart devices in the house. It uses a virtual assistant to change the settings of the devices and perform various actions desired by the user. Without pressing any button or even moving, you can activate it with voice commands. Thus, it enables you to turn the lights (TV, air conditioning, etc.) on and off, and create routines on the devices according to your needs.

Buying advice


One of the most common questions about smart homes is how many products to purchase or even if it is necessary to opt for the same manufacturer of the equipment. First, you can start setting up your home automation smoothly and according to your conditions. Think about the most important and useful thing in this exact moment – that’ll help you to gradually develop your home toward something you’ve always dreamed about.

Before purchasing any products, it is essential to check their compatibility with other smart devices on the list, since their connection is what allows the system to function correctly. Therefore, it is recommended that smart products be purchased from the same manufacturer since the connection between them is guaranteed.


Turning your devices into smart devices

Many people do not know where to start in this process and are in doubt about how to maintain a smart home or which devices to purchase. To get started, just remember some details that may be important for you.

First, it is possible to turn your devices into smart devices. How can you do that? There are resources capable of transforming products and equipment that you already have at home into smart products. This way, they can perform the functions automatically in your daily routine.

With the smart socket, it is possible to connect household appliances to the internet, making them smart. When installed, it allows the connected appliance to be controlled by the smart system, which can work through the app installed on your smartphone.

The devices that can be connected are fans, coffee makers, and others that operate up to 10A. By connecting your coffee maker to a smart socket, for example, you can wake up in the morning and select the option to prepare a coffee before you even get out of your bed. 

Through the smart TV box, it is also possible to transform the television you already have at home into a smart TV. The device is compatible with appliances featuring HDMI and A/V input and when connected, allows the user to access the Internet and perform the automation.

Another option in this sense is the intelligent Wi-Fi controller. It allows you to control fans, curtains, lampshades, lamps themselves, and other appliances in the house from wherever you are using the application.


With this type of automation, a lot of things that would previously bother you – or take too much time and effort – can get easy. Thus, if it’s within your financial capacity, becoming a smart homeowner is always a good choice. Home automation isn’t going to be a headache, and operating it is a smooth process – not at all as demanding as many people imagine. Still, it is important to understand that you should draw up a plan marrying within it your current conditions, needs, and potential spending.

There are a lot of products in the market to make your home more cozy and safe. Yet even if you’re still just considering your options regarding various smart home elements, the devices you already own should not be left behind. The Smart Addiction team of experts can help you with that – check out their terms here: Be sure to have your smartphones and laptops repaired swiftly so that they always perform well and keep you happy.